Monday, July 21, 2014

ISIS Now Has Iraqi Uranium

Obozo's America

Great… so now ISIS (Al Qaeda) has the nuclear material needed to make Dirty Bombs in their possession. It’s just another unintended consequence of voting for Barack Hussein Obama. (Reuters) – Insurgents in Iraq have seized nuclear materials used for scientific research at a university in the country’s north, Iraq told the United Nations in a letter appealing for help to “stave off the threat of their use by terrorists in Iraq or abroad.” Nearly 40 kilograms (88 pounds) of uranium compounds were kept at Mosul University, Iraq’s U.N. Ambassador Mohamed Ali Alhakim told U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in the July 8 letter obtained by Reuters on Wednesday. “Terrorist groups have seized control of nuclear material at the sites that came out of the control of the state,” Alhakim wrote, adding that such materials “can be used in manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.” “These nuclear materials, despite the limited amounts mentioned, can enable terrorist groups, with the availability of the required expertise, to use it separate or in combination with other materials in its terrorist acts,” said Alhakim.

Would You Take Her Home To Meet Mommy And Daddy

Cecily McMillan is the face of leftist America.
Angry, violent and narcissistic, the New York “activist” was arrested again for making death threats against two NYPD officers trying to apprehend turnstile jumpers. After being taken into custody, the New York Post reports McMillan hissed: “You don’t know who I am! Wait until you figure it out! You probably don’t have kids or a wife, but if you do, I’ll kill them!
She had already been convicted in 2012 for punching an officer and spent two months in Rikers Island. After her release, she’s become a cause célèbre for liberals who find it necessary to make a name for themselves.
After being held in custody for a few hours, she complained that she was wearing a “botanist dress” (whatever that is) and demanded a change of clothing.
“This is a cocktail dress to be worn only standing up maximum four hours! I had three to four people that helped me get into this dress. The NYPD, you must supply me with clothing!”
 During the recent scuffle, she told the turnstile-jumpers: “You don’t have to talk to them. Don’t pay any attention to them. They did not identify themselves. I know the law. I’m a lawyer. Don’t cooperate with them.
Cecily McMillan is not a lawyer.A “New School” Graduate, McMillan also participated in the anti-Gov. Scott Walker protests in Wisconsin and is a proud member of the Democratic Socialists of America."
Isn’t she a sweetheart? Guys: I hear she’s single!

"I'm Ready For Hillary"

Are You Ready for Hillary? New Bumper Sticker Hints at Clinton 2016 Candidacy

Folks, I need you input. The next time you spy an "I'm Ready for Hillary" bumper sticker go to the comments section and send a message describing the driver of the vehicle; sex and physical features. I saw four of these bad boys on the way to and fro from Chattanooga over the week-end and each one of these 'humans' fit a specific profile.

Another Reason To Love The South

My wife and I took a mini vacation to Chattanooga for the week-end. The city is a well kept secret and if you happen to have some time and are in close proximity(an eight hour drive) it would be well worth your time and money to make a visit.
When we're in a community on a Sunday we always scope out intriguing Catholic Churches. Once, in Montgomery, Alabama we attend a church composed entirely of Blacks just to say we did.
Our priest was elderly, my age, and prior to the Mass walked the aisle welcoming parishioners and visitors alike. One can't find that in most churches.
At the end of the service the good Father made an announcement: "I know you've all been waiting for this(referring to parishioners) but for our guests, Y'all come back, Ya' hear". That, my friends, is what I love about the South.

Will The Muslim-in-Chief Respond

Iraq’s Christian leaders have just made a desperate cry for help. Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako, head of Iraq’s Catholic church, has issued an appeal “to all who have a living conscience in Iraq and all the world.”

The situation for Iraq’s Christians has been steadily deteriorating ever since the 2003 invasion, in part because the U.S. never acknowledged that Christians were being targeted by Islamists and did not prioritize protection of Christians or other minorities.
But with the recent sweep through Mosul and other Iraqi cities by the jihadi group ISIS, Iraq’s Christians look to be on the verge of genocide.
On June 16th it was reported that ISIS had marked the doors of Christians in red. Patriarch Sako’s letter confirms that rumor. While no one yet knows what this ominous sign foretells, Sako and other Christian leaders are pleading with the world to intervene before the meaning of the sign is made clear.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Dorothoy And Charles MacKenzie: A Quiz

Dottie and Chuck Mackenzie

Dot and Chuck from Long Grove, Iowa(Davenport suburb) were recently arrested. The quiz is, what were the charges? I'll be in Tennessee for a few days. Think about it. It's a doozie.

ANSWER: Difficult to believe but here it is

The Best Quote Of The Year

None of us, until now, had heard the name of April Sands. She happened to be an IRS Deputy to Lois Lerner. With that you do know we're dealing with trolls in skirts.
An example of Ms. Sands brilliance can be seen in the following tweet:

"Dear every single Republican ever, when will U learn that Barack Hussein Obama is smarter than U.

Brilliant, isn't she. Aside from her doltish behavior isn't it heartening to know Ms. Sands is in charge of your money. I captured this info from one of my favorite sites, iOwnTheWorld, along with an accompanying quote to describe her. It's perfect. I hope you're not offended but you are living in a brave new world.

"April, you ignorant slut, stand up. Get off your knees and wipe your chin. You look like you blew a seal".
It is the best quote I've seen this year.