Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hillary Feels It Sliding Away

FBI confirms what we all knew. She IS under investigation.


Monday, February 8, 2016

Liberals: Living Day To Day


Congratulations To St. Louis Mo

St. Louis has leapfrogged over Detroit as the most dangerous city in America. Egg on my face. I thought it was going to be Baltimore. Kudos to all who reside near the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. You fought hard and now you can reap the spoils of victory.

Not surprisingly they are all Democrat controlled.

1. St. Louis, Missouri: 88.1
2. Memphis, Tennessee: 84.2
3. Detroit, Michigan: 83.4
4. Birmingham, Alabama: 82.8
5. Rockford, Illinois: 76.3
6. Baltimore, Maryland: 67.7
7. Stockton, California: 67.4
8. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: 65.3
9. Cleveland, Ohio: 61.5
10. Hartford, Connecticut: 55.8
Click on the link to review the rest.  If you're fortunate you might see your town on the list.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3437350/St-Louis-takes-number-one-spot-FBI-s-violent-cities-state.html#ixzz3zcbgLYmL

Very Freaky Chicken McNuggets

Jennifer Lovdahl is what I consider an overbearing mom. Six years ago she decided to put a MacDonald's kids meal in hibernation. Her intent was to expose the dangers of fast food. It was a concern about what was going into her kid's stomachs; preservatives and all that jazz. "Earth to mom, what goes in has to come out one end or the other". I've been eating this junk since 1962 and have thrived.

There has to be more to this story but since it came from dimwitted Yahoo we'll never know. The picture tells the tale. Eat up!

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.34.38 AM

Pro-Abortion Group(NARAL) Denounces Doritos Super Bowl Ad As Dehumanizing

It must be pitiful for people to wake up every day knowing they're going to make themselves more miserable than they were the day before.

Seemingly, Doritos has always been the leader in clever, creative and funny Super Bowl ads and the one they presented this year was no different. http://www.weaselzippers.us/255543-pro-abortion-group-has-cow-over-doritos-super-bowl-ad-humanizing-fetus/

A pro-abortion group took it upon themselves to let the world know it, the ad, was dehumanizing. That was a strange response for me because I didn't think these people considered the fetus a human.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Best University Athletic Program In The Nation

It's hard to be humble when you're a Hawkeye! "What are you talking about MJH", the rest of the country might be saying? Are you trying to tell us the perceived land of tractors and plows produces anything other than pigs?

As long as we're on the subject, "Yes, I am and there's verifiable proof.

On February 12, 2014 the Hawkeye men's basketball team was defeated by the University of Minnesota. Since that time and up until the Hawkeyes lost at Maryland week ago the athletic program for the three major teams has lost one, count 'em, one conference game.

The wrestling program is undefeated. The football team also went undefeated and, to date, the basketball team has dropped one game. Shame on them.

So, take that The Ohio State University, The University of Alabama, Southern Cal University and all of the other pretenders.

I'm loving it!

I Almost Ate A Stink Bug

Halyomorpha halys lab.jpg

The Queen and I first noticed the manifestation of the stink bug this year. Being a woman(no offense, girls) every time one is seen in our condo it's up to me grab it and do the right thing. If I'm in a sadistic mode I'll flush it down the toilet. On the other hand, if I'm large of heart I'll gently grab it and throw it out the front door where it will die a slow death from the bitter cold.

Before 2015 I'd never seen one before. Aside from being less appealing looking than a puppy I don't consider them being on a par with a venomous cobra for danger. But they have become sort of a pain in the patootey. If I'm watching television and see one on the wall the compunction to grab it overwhelms me. Up and down, up and down from my couch becomes extremely tedious.

I did find out they snuck into this country from either China or Japan--the bastards! Evidently, they like fruit but destroy fruit trees. So, a few of them hopped onto a freighter and made their way here sans passport.

We had guests for dinner two weeks ago. One of the little beggars(a half inch long) jumped onto my dinner plate. I didn't utter a sound. Did I want to let our friends think the salad was tainted? No, I gracefully snagged it, excused myself, then-----FLUSH.

Word to the wise when grabbing one of these vermin: slowly grasp it as you would holding a baby bird. To crush one gives off an odorous 'stinky sock' smell hence the name.

Some species have names such as bluebird. Others are more benign; a cow, horse, turtle. Being a stink but about says it all.

Do you suppose Noah took two of these on the Ark? If so, he must have been drunk.