Monday, October 20, 2014

She's Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!


The Clinton's seemingly will never go away. It bothers me not because reading about them is like riding a roller coaster blindfolded. One never knows what's going to happen next. Which brings us to Monica.

  Ms. Lewinsky(Is she married) made an appearance on a college campus today and gave a speech. I could research the content of the talk but I'm too lazy. I did hear she received a standing ovation. And get this. I'm not going to bore you with a sordid lip or throat joke. The amazing aspect of the speech is I seriously doubt these students have a clue as to who she is. After all, they were still in diapers when Bill was carrying his Bible out of church.

I was looking at my library shelf this evening and I must have ten books on the Clinton's; exposes' all. I used to read and reread them but only to ask myself, "Can you believe this"?

There was a link I copied I'll place under this post. It's a listing with biographical sketches of Billy Boy's most famous conquests. Some you know and others might surprise you but not me. Remember, I have their histories on my shelves at my fingertips.


At Her Age She Should Be On A Box Of Cream Of Wheat

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Well that’s a curve ball, isn’t it? Usually, when you’re sitting down to a bowl of Wheaties, the face staring out from the box belongs to a sports figure.
The cereal decided to go in a different direction this time around by putting Madeleine Albright, the former Secretary of State, on a commemorative box. According to Wheaties, they’re now defining what it means to be a champion by a different set of standards.

At least the Kardashians weren't the first choice.

Friday, October 17, 2014

And That's The Way It Is

Illustration by Mark Herron

The Good Old Boy Network Is Alive And Well

HIs name is Ron Klain and he was appointed by the president to coordinate the attack on Ebola. His qualifications:
1) is a lawyer
2) Chief of Staff in the Gore camp during his failed attempt to become president
3) was assigned the task of being in on the Recount of 2000
4) Chief of Staff for Joe Biden and calls him his hero
5) is a White House adviser to President Obama.
6) placed in charge of Obama's stimulus package
7) has not one iota or medical knowledge or medical experience

Once again the administration has outdone itself in futility and gaining the confidence of the American citizenry.