Thursday, September 18, 2014

Have You Heard Obama's Latest Proclamation

Guess what? Regarding Iraq there will be no boots on the ground the President tells the world. It's true. He's stated this newsflash--one thousand times-----minimum.

Iowa Troublemaker

It's impossible to have a fun festival without troublemakers ruining things. In Iowa City, Iowa, the Madison, Wisconsin of the Cornbelt, Janelle Rettig felt a duty to chastise Chick-fil-A. Rettig is the Johnson County Supervisor and, you may not believe this by looking at her photo. She is a flaming a lesbian. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Iowa City is having their Summer of Arts Festival and Chick-fil-A, along with other food vendors, set up tents to sell their wares. Rettig, in her infinite wisdom came out with the quote of the decade:

"When they're a sponsor in a city that prides itself on celebrating diversity I think we have to question that. It makes me wonder if I should even go".

Yes, Janelle, it's all about you. Hint: Don't go.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What Media Bias

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One More Joe Being Joeism

Just hours after apologizing for using what was perceived as an anti-Semitic slur, Vice President Joe Biden deployed another term Wednesday that some might consider ethnically offensive.
Speaking at a campaign finance reform rally in Iowa, Biden recalled a meeting he had with Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore. Biden described Yew as “the wisest man in the Orient.”
The terms “orient” and “oriental” are considered widely outdated and offensive to Asians.

It's surprising to me Biden didn't refer to them as Chinks or maybe made reference to Charlie Chan.

Joe Being Joe

Vice President Joe Biden drew fire from a prominent Jewish group on Tuesday after he described unscrupulous bankers who prey on servicemen and servicewomen deployed overseas as “Shylocks” — a term frequently condemned as an anti-Semitic caricature.
“Shylock represents the medieval stereotype about Jews and remains an offensive characterization to this day. The Vice President should have been more careful,” Anti-Defamation League National Director Abraham Foxman said.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Liberal Hypocrisy Has No limits

by Robert Janicki

It doesn't get much more hypocritical than this.  Actually, hypocritical simply doesn't describe this unethical smear, bordering on slander.
"Michigan environmentalist and Senate nominee, Democrat Gary Peter,  refuses to sell his $19,000 investment in French oil giant Total S.A., which produces pet coke an oil byproduct that Peters called “dirtier than the dirtiest fuel,” according to the Detroit News." 
Does Peters feel any sense of regret for having bought into this investment, which runs contrary to every environmental claim he has ever made?  Not surprisingly, Peters feels no regret whatsoever based upon the following rationalization.
“Am I going to sell it? I have no plans of it, no,” Peters told the Detroit News after speaking at the Michigan Democratic Party’s African-American alliance breakfast in Southfield. “It is an investment in the fourth largest oil company in the world. It has nothing to do with the Detroit situation.”

Happy Anniversary LBJ

Today is a landmark day in American history and it nearly slipped by me. Many events and dates to this. In January of 1993 I forgot my dad's January birthday. This should have been an impossibility since his was the day before mine. Sadly, it was his last.

Toward evening I was informed that today is the fiftieth anniversary of Lyndon Baines Johnson's proclamation of a 'War on Poverty' in this country. It was still a time when our people were living through JFK and Johnson and the democrats could get anything they wanted. What the heck. They still do.

Anyway, I was reminded, while listening to the news(obviously not mainstream) that in 1964 13.2 of our population were on the poverty roles. Due to a fifty year program it has been reduced to 14.1%.
Wait a moment. That's not a reduction. That's in increase. With a 1964 population of 180 million God-fearing, taxpaying citizens we had 22 million underpaid, under housed, ill-fed Americans. Thank the government for its good work because now we have a population of 320 million and only 44 million folks are--------Oops! There's another problem.

If you took the cost of every war and conflict in which this country has participated it would not come close to the cost of this Democrat instituted plan. Hang onto your wallets because it is the staggering sum of $22 trillion dollars. And you thought our government didn't care.

The best thing I can say about this is that it's a good deal the taxpayers aren't funding the bill instead of the government. Why, that kind of money could cost senators and representatives their political seats.

And to LBJ and the rest of the grifters I implore you to stick it where the sun don't shine. If it wasn't for Democrats we might have some cash in our billfolds.

On another note which goes along with government ineptness. My wife went to the US Post Office in Dublin, Ohio to snag one of those yellow stop mail postcards before we left for the lake. There weren't any in sight so the Queen asked the lady clerk where should could get a couple. And the answer came back, "Hey! These things cost money. We can't pass them out like they're free"! Dumb me. I thought they worked for us. True story.